B - Jamila

From new cosmetics tecnology company Barco Line Cosmetica was created B-Jamila, formulated with JAMILA COMPLEX that allows you to activate the normal physiological turnover of the dermis,thanks to the active ingredients.


Jamila gel solution (is the first revolutionary cosmetic answer designed by Barco Line®, for the biologically tired and time-scarred face, based on JAMILA COMPLEX a unique complex of selected active ingredients to deeply regenerate the skin

Start your shock cosmetic treatment with B-Jamila Gel solution and after, continue it day after day, with B-Jamila Cream and B-Jamila Ultra Rich Cream so your face will have a smoother, clearer and more even complexion, while the skin tissues of the face will show tone, firmness and elasticity.

The B-Jamila gel solution formula and B-Jamila Ultra Rich Cream represent an ideal cosmetic anti-aging "trait d'union." The (their - take away) powerful biological synergistic action is based on a balanced active ingredient mix of low and very low molecular weight acid glucosaminoglycans and by an exfoliating agent, glycolic acid they are two of the active ingredients included in the JAMILA COMPLEX.

Buy B-Jamila Complex:

JAMILA GEL rich complex of active ingredients including glycolic acid and an alpha-hydroxy acid with keratolytic properties.
A cream with an easy absorption, which gives new vitality to the skin.
Is a valuable support to the processing B-JAMILA; it should be used throughout the day as maintenance to obtain a deep hydration.
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Giovanni Barco, a clinician and biochemical surgeon and biochemist who pioneered polyatomic oxygen therapy® (OPL), is a scientist who now represents Italian excellence in this field, perfecting the techniques, which have already been used in the world for more than 20 years. He has resolution statistics on degenerative type cases and various types of neoplasms.

Dr. Barco, wanted to lend his advice and experience to formulate a dermatological cosmetic line with high functional activity for skin imperfections.

Giovanni Barco
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